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Indiana Cheer Championship

Celebrating THE State Championship Event exclusively for Indiana school cheerleading teams. Competing in an Indiana Cheer Championship event is a great way to spotlight cheerleading talent in a fun, safe, exciting and educationally sound environment. If you are a seasoned competitor, or just looking to gain experience, you can expect well-organized and low-cost events, with clearly defined scoring systems and a staff who keeps the needs of educating students at the top or our priority list.

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Varsity Prelims
Junior High / JV
Varsity & HS Time-Out State Finals

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State Finals  (11/5/22)
General Admission  –  Discounted Student

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Varsity Prelims (10/22/22)
Junior High / JV (10/29/22)
State Finals (11/5/22)


The Indiana Cheer Championship Scoresheets have been updated as of July 1, 2022. Below are links to the new versions of the scoresheets, as well as an updated Stunt Quantity Chart. The only scoresheet that has not changed is the Point Deduction Sheet.
Reference the email that was sent with a summary of the changes by clicking here.

Tips for Interpreting Scoring System
Stunt Quantity Chart

Cheering Skills, Dance & Jumps Score Sheet
Stunts, Tosses & Pyramids Score Sheet
Tumbling Score Sheet
Overall Routine Impression Score Sheet
Point Deduction Score Sheet
Safety & Timing Score Sheet

Time-Out Score Sheet
Time-Out Safety & Timing Score Sheet

Partner Stunt Score Sheet
All-State Individual Score Sheet


Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our student programs and competitions? Check out our FAQ section for the most commonly asked questions.

2022 Indiana Cheer Championship Competitions

Upcoming Conferences & Workshops


The IASP Department of Student Programs is dedicated to helping Indiana cheerleading coaches keep updated on the current rules. Rules Interpretation Meetings are required each year for coaches who plan to participate in Indiana Cheer Championship competitions, and are encouraged for ALL coaches as a way to help keep students safe.

July 16, 2022 – Virtual – Register Now!
(registration is still open if you would like to receive the conference recording and materials)


In 2021, we discontinued the live webinar meetings that provided rules updates to coaches. Instead, we are now providing the recording from the conference in this space for coaches to reference as they need to. Teams competing in the 2022 Indiana Cheer Championship will still need to verify that they have viewed the rules update, and this will be done through a verification form in the competition registration packet.

View the 2022 NFHS Spirit Rules Update Video

Video Submission Procedure

Tips for sending videos:
  •  Be sure to indicate point of focus (what and who).
  •  Reference the portion of the current NFHS Spirit Rules Book (rule number and/or page number) that has you unsure if the skill is legal.
  •  Be as specific as possible.
  •  Send videos of YOUR cheerleaders performing the skills (not of other teams) to

Chris Hammer at

Cheer Championship News

Cheer Coach
of the Year

Strong cheer coaches are an essential part of providing a positive experience for Indiana’s cheerleaders, and IASP is excited to recognize the contributions of devoted cheer coaches from across the state!

Beginning in 2022, the nomination process will look different. We are still working through details for this new format, and will share information when it is available!

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In order to participate in Department of Student Programs (DSP) sponsored academic competitions, cheer competitions, Student Day at the Legislature, MLK Essay contest, and any other DSP programs, schools must maintain a current membership in DSP.

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