Service Award

Jamie Eggers– Nappannee Elementary School

The recipient of this award must be someone who gives exemplary service, plans or assists in innovative programs to benefit all students, and gives special consideration to those who work hard to improve the learning environment for students and staff, as well as the community.

Here are some characteristics of what the Jamie’s principal, Randy Cripe wrote about her:

“Last year when our school closed on March 17, She didn’t waste any time reaching out to our families to find ways to stay connected. Each day between March 17th and the end of the school year, she put out a video to our families. She started by recording videos here at school and soon enlisted the help of our teachers and other staff members. She put together grade level memory videos featuring each of our grade levels. Her creativity is unmatched, and our families were very appreciative of the communication. They loved the trivia, prizes and other surprises. Without a doubt, these videos helped keep families informed and engaged during a difficult time. Throughout the summer, she continued to reach out to families with information on our Facebook page. This page was created by her and maintained by her as well. I can’t think of a better way to show you how much she does to keep families informed and to go above and beyond to make this a great school.”

Above & Beyond Award

Heather Smith – Hinkle Creek Elementary School

This is given to someone who works with teachers to implement and support programs focused on student learning.  The recipient must have displayed risk-taking to improve the school in some significant way.

Here are some comments written about Heather:

“She has served in many school and district committees to help better support and improve our school.   For example, she continues to serve on the Corporation Schools Secretary/Treasurer Committee to help support our families and schools with textbook rental reviews.”

“She has been committed to our school for over 8 years.  She has dedicated herself to helping our school improve.   Her incredibly positive attitude is an inspiration and a terrific example for our staff and parents.  In addition, she does an incredible job of treating everyone with dignity, respect, and equity.  Because of her incredible ability to communicate, she often has several staff members and parents stopping at her desk to chat.   She empathizes with everyone and is a terrific listener.   And sometimes, that is all someone who is having a tough day needs.   She provides that forum for others.”

Compassion Award

Heather Richardson – Lakeland Primary School

This award recognizes an individual who has consistently displayed a caring and supportive attitude that contributes to a positive school atmosphere.  This is someone who truly reflects high standards and promotes staff morale.

Heather’s principal, Traci Blaize and other colleagues wrote this about her:

“She has a gentle touch with the children, the staff and our community. She helps everyone to feel heard, and makes them feel that they have an ally.

She is the person that organizes fundraisers, food collections and such before I can think about it. She is a cancer survivor. She missed very little work during her fight. When her officemate began having a relapse with cancer, she was always there encouraging and supporting in every way possible. She never complained about running the office on her own while Cindy was on leave. She just kept asking, “What else can I do?” When Cindy lost her battle, she was there arranging meals for the family, communicating with them regarding services, and in general helping all of us keep it together during our mourning. She held it together to help all of us. I know if Cindy could nominate her for the award she would!”

Leadership Award

Sydney Dressler –Daniel Webster School 46

Here, the committee searched for concrete evidence of the recipient’s ability to encourage community and parent involvement in the school.  This person should have been actively involved in training others, initiating new office procedures, and improving the overall office and school climate.

In writing about this year’s recipient, Sydney’s principal, Allyson Peterkin,  told us,

“He does everything I need or anyone else needs with a smile on his face AND leads many many initiatives in the building. He is willing to talk to a parent or staff member no matter the time and makes feeding our community a priority.

When we had to close our school building and go virtual, we determined that a website committed to videos for our parents was needed.  Several our parents/ guardians are poor readers or did not have the time to read all the guidance coming home around virtual learning.  The site become a place for the parents to get to know the school and staff and to access resources for their students.  He took this site over for me to make sure all videos were uploaded in a timely fashion and to create new videos as needed.  He also worked with Butler University students to translate our open house videos into Spanish for our Spanish speaking families”

Secretary of the Year Award

Janae Bosma– Dayton Elementary School

For this award, the committee used a well-defined rubric to score all areas of leadership, compassion, service, and going above and beyond.

Her principal, Ryan Simmons, and assistant principal wrote many things about her.  Here are a few comments shared with us:

“She serves on our school safety committee, and helps lead our school social committee.  She also assists in implementing behavior intervention plans and helps implement positive reward systems in our school building.  She is also tasked with submitting all reports to the DOE and to the central office for compliance.  She also helps with contact tracing this school year.  She helps to identify close contacts, notifies parents and is a liaison between the nursing staff and the office.  Often times, she comes in with administration in the evening and on the weekends to help contact trace.  She has gone above and beyond this year to help keep our staff and students safe.  Also, this year, we have had a hard time finding substitute teachers.  In the evenings and on the weekends, she will attempt to find substitutes for our teachers.  If she cannot find one, she will step in to cover a classroom or will schedule our non-certified staff to assist in classrooms throughout the day. Also, last year, we participated in a community food drive.  She led this charge.  As a school, we raised over 4,800 pounds of canned food for our community and she helped to organize this event.  Because of her organization and diligence, our school raised the most amount of food for elementary schools in Tippecanoe County.”

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