LEADing AP's Program

IASP is proud to offer a new virtual program for our Assistant Principals. Our vision at IASP is to support Assistant Principals in the best way possible. As our Board of Directors and our Executive Committee recognized through our member survey that there was a gap in support with those not involved in INALI, but not eligible for IPLI, this program was developed. We envision this being a year-long program, including monthly discussions that are driven by a group facilitator and are organized by grade level, to offer the most effective support. This program allows Assistant Principals to have a collaborative link to other Assistant Principals across the state of Indiana and a continuous connection and opportunity to network. It also provides a virtual facilitator to expand support and address topics that come up throughout the year. By registering, you are committing to engage in this year-long program that runs September through May.

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LEADing AP's

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