Esports Bowl

Esports Bowl

Esports is increasing in popularity across the United States. Esports programs are growing at every level, from middle schools to professional teams. Many schools are considering how best to integrate esports into their schools. There are two general approaches that schools are taking, and some implement both: Highly Competitive Varsity Teams and Non-Competitive Club Programs. Both options will provide high levels of engagement, excitement and deepen a sense of community with your student body, particularly those students who do not find engagement in your traditional programs.



Two Year Competition Calendar
Esports Fast Facts
Fall Esports Timeline
Off Season Spring Esports Timeline
Spring Esports Timeline


Junior Esports Confirmation List
Senior Esports Confirmation List
Comprehensive Confirmation List


Team roster information will be submitted
through Harena Data and your school’s
GYO Score Hub.


Esports Coach Handbook

Program Benefits
What Harena Data Does for You
Technology Requirements
Glossary of Terms
Esports Bowl Tasks
 Team Fan Store Creation with Harena

General Information (PDF)

General Information Video
(Led by IASP Staff)

Informational Video (led by Harena Staff)
Harena Q and A:  How to get your
team started on GYO
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

IASP League Page on GYO
Competition Page and Registration Links

More resources will be shared as they are made available.

For Registration and Payment questions, contact Diane Abel at

For Gaming and Technical questions,
contact Martin Olsen at Harena Data at

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Esports News

Academic Coach
of the Year

Anyone who serves as an academic coach during the school year is eligible for this award, and can be nominated by their principal, another coach, coordinator or volunteer. One academic coach from each level of competition (elementary, middle/junior and senior) is recognized as the Indiana Academic Coach of the Year.

Join DSP

In order to participate in Department of Student Programs (DSP) sponsored academic competitions, cheer competitions, Martin Luther King Jr. Essay contest, and any other DSP programs, schools must maintain a current membership in DSP.

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