Indiana New Administrator Leadership Institute

The Indiana New Administrator Leadership Institute (INALI) is designed to help new or early career administrators become effective instructional leaders and to quickly and comfortably assume the responsibilities of building administration. INALI is a two-year professional development program that includes extensive teacher evaluation training, mentoring by retired or seasoned administrators, conferences and regional cohort meetings. With all of these interactions, INALI members have a monthly touchpoint that allows them to build camaraderie, connection and a commitment to this next phase of their career.

Registration for Cohort 11 is now open.

INALI Benefits

For two years, you’ll receive:
  • IASP membership
  • Free Fall or Assistant Principals Conference attendance in 2024 and 2025.
  • Professional development seminars in Indianapolis (July 18-19, 2024, September 9, 2024, February 4, 2025, April, 7, 2025, year two, July 16, 2025, September 10, 2025, February 4, 2026, April 15, 2026)
  • Mentoring by a retired or practicing administrator
  • Regional cohort meetings with mentor and regional group
  • One-on-one school visit by mentor (fall and spring)
  • 45 Professional Growth Points for each year of participation
  • Monthly regional group meetings
  • Completion of INALI fulfills IMAP requirements.

In Their Words

  • “INALI has been a great support for me as a new administrator.  The networking and professional development have been very valuable resources."

    Kristin Bye Principal, Southwestern Middle School, Cohort#9
  • Being part of INALI Cohort #5 has been a fantastic experience as a second-year administrator. I have had the opportunity to learn from seasoned administrators and educators from across the state on various topics that are crucial and relevant to my job. It has also served as a great networking community because of the collaborating I have been able to do with my mentor and fellow new administrators. I feel as though INALI has helped me continue to build my “tool box” as an educator!

    Kellie Brotherton Assistant Principal, Lew Wallace Elementary School 107, INALI Cohort 5
  • "INALI placed me with an experienced mentor and a trusted team of fellow administrators. It also instantly connected me to accomplished educators who shared stories and solutions to move me toward my own answers.  My notes serve as a "cheat sheet" to best practices that I know have worked in other schools. After every session and meeting, I took resources and ideas back to my building that I could implement immediately. I also felt renewed with courage and patience to serve my students."

    Tona Gardner Associate Principal, South Putnam Middle and High School, INALI Cohort #7
  • “INALI proved to be a constant source of guidance and mentorship during my transition to administration. The ability to reflect on shared experiences with other professionals allowed for me to grow into a better leader for my educational community.”

    Kyle Owens Assistant Principal, Southmont High School, INALI Cohort #8
  • “INALI has allowed me to gather many more vantage points of leadership.  I have been able to establish a group of professionals who share my passion for servant leadership.  I'm halfway through the year and look forward to our monthly meetings.  I've been paired with a great group and mentor and  I am loving it!”

    Harry Mimms Principal, MSD Lawrence Township, Cohort #9
  • “INALI provided me with the opportunity to meet and collaborate with a group of people experiencing many of the same situations and challenges as I was as a new administrator.  Being able to share ideas, listen to different perspectives, and receive feedback from other administrators was invaluable.  I have reached out to members of my regional cohort group multiple times outside of our regularly scheduled meetings, as I now have a group of people outside of my district that I feel comfortable sharing with and learning from.  I am certain that even though our two year INALI program is ending, we will continue to communicate with and support one another!”

    Alyssa Moser Assistant Principal, Bluffton Harrison Elementary School, INALI Cohort #7

Upcoming Events

Mentoring Program

Mentoring is one of the most important and rewarding benefits of INALI. When you join the two-year INALI program, you’re placed in a regional cohort group with other new or early career administrators. A mentor is assigned to each regional group and every other month, the mentor meets with the group as a whole. Not only is this is an opportunity for the mentor to provide input and problem-solving suggestions, but it’s also a time for the group members to share experiences and learn from one another. In addition to these meetings, the mentor will visit each individual group member at his or her school once a semester.

INALI mentors are seasoned or retired administrators whose years of experience make them ideal choices to come alongside new or early career administrators and offer advice and serve as a sounding board.

Want to join INALI?

Email Tiffany Barrett at tbarrett@iasp for more information.

On the Admin Track?

If you’re a current teacher on the administration track, consider the best time to join INALI. New programming starts every fall.


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