IASP’s Department of Student Programs Introduces New Esports Program

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Starting this fall (2022), IASP will add to its Department of Student Programs offerings with Esports.  Initially it will be offered at the middle and high school levels, with the intent to expand programming to elementary students in the future.

IASP has partnered with Harena Data (harenadata.net) to bring this program to our Department of Student Programs members.  While we know this program will change and develop as it grows, IASP felt the time was right to offer this program and serve more students across the state who we traditionally haven’t impacted with our other competition offerings.

Our Esports program is an engagement activity that places education first.  While playing the games is fun and a part of the program, our intent is to create opportunities for current day, digitally engaged students to experience the principles of sportsmanship, leadership,  handling pressure, and winning and losing gracefully.  Harena Data has seen statistics that show Esports programs are successful in increasing attendance rates, grades, overall morale, and improving engagement of their participants.

Esports can attract those students who aren’t involved in traditional sports programs or other school offered activities, but who want an outlet for competitive engagement with other students.  The Varsity level offers a high level of competition for players, while the Club level provides opportunities for students who love to game and don’t think they’re good enough to be professional players. This program will also focus on the behind the scenes aspect of gaming such as shoutcasting, coaching, and team marketing,  helping to builds skills in an industry students love without the extreme pressure of having to perform under the “varsity lights”.  Our Esports program can tie an existing club to a platform that has more educational aspects, which then opens the door to many future possibilities for all participants!

To learn more about our new Esports program, join our Zoom call with Harena Data on Thursday, August 11, 2022 at 10:00 am EST.

Click here to register for the Esports Informational Zoom Meeting.  

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