How Can Esports Help Your Students?

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Do you want your students to learn teamwork, leadership and problem solving skills?  How about good decision-making, analytical skills and digital citizenship?  Esports may be the platform that you need for your students.  Esports is much more than playing video games.  In addition to the advantages they gain by being members of a team, students who play Esports can be preparing for careers in the tech, digital, and STEM industries such as software development, network engineering and artificial intelligence.

IASP Esports  in partnership with Harena Data will provide students opportunities to explore roles beyond playing the games.  They will have the opportunity to develop coaching strategies, analyze play, shoutcast matches, market their teams and manage their social media presence.

For more information on how your students can participate, you are invited to attend our Zoom meeting with Harena Data on Thursday morning, August 10, at  10:00 AM EST.  Click here to register for this meeting.

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