The Spice of Life

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Have you ever gazed hungrily at a meal, only to take that first bite and realize it is bland? It’s missing something? It’s plain… ordinary, and unremarkable. The seasonings make all the difference. The ingredients need to compliment one another or you’ll have a plate consisting of only one, exceptionally boring, item.

Imagine a plate of carrots. Only…carrots. No mater how wonderful and delicious a carrot may be; alone, it is only a carrot. Much the same, if your networking community only consists of like-minded, people who share the same ideas, experiences, or profession as you. the outcome will be plain, ordinary, and unremarkable.

By adding in a few spices, including people from different backgrounds, different experiences, or with different occupations, you will add exponential possibilities to your connections. As with any good recipe, the ingredients will complement one another and help to elevate the dish to it’s fullest potential, just as those you connect with will help to elevate you to your fullest potential.

Have you considered that you are limiting your networking capabilities as well as, your future experiences and richness of relationships, because you aren’t bringing different perspectives, contacts, and groups to your circle? In an interview with author David Burkus, Daniel Pink illustrates some key takeaways that can help all of us with our networking, in a podcast on his 1-3-20 podcast titled “Networking that Works.” David Burkus illuminates the world of networking and gives actionable examples on how to build a broader networking circle by creating bridges among the unconnected. He teaches us how to actively create bridges with others through social networking and he makes it as easy as pie. In his reference to a dinner party, he outlines how to connect with groups you wouldn’t normally connect with and shows how it would impact your professional and personal world in the process. If you’d like to hear more, click HERE.

If you haven’t already registered for the upcoming IASP Fall Professionals Conference, you can do that HERE! Daniel Pink will be the Keynote speaker!

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