2019 Legislative Summary

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The 2019 “Long” session wrapped up on April 24, 2019. It is called the “long” session because Indiana has a part-time legislature and every two years the Indiana General Assembly must adopt a biennium budget. So this year was budget adoption, which is a major task, and takes more time to work through. Therefore, the “long” session year!

1,358 pieces of legislation were introduced in the two houses. Of those, 293 (22%) of the original number were passed through both houses and were eligible to become law. This is a pretty typical set of numbers.

We have specifically blogged about a couple of important features in bills (HEA 1002-PGP points change & SEA 567-homeschool exemption change). We’ll continue to push out guidelines in regard to following new laws and processes. In the meantime, you may access our summary by clicking on the link below.

2019 IASP Legislative Summary

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