Horace Mann/IASP Secretary of the Year Awards

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Congratulations to the Secretary of the Year Award winners!  The Indiana Association of School Principals annually recognizes five outstanding school secretaries from all over the state who have succeeded in the areas of Compassion, Service, Leadership, and going Above and Beyond. The Secretary of the Year Award goes to one secretary who embodies all of these qualities. These secretaries are acknowledged by their principals for the exemplary contributions they have made to their school and profession.


Pictured above from left to right:

  • Compassion Award Winner – Rhonda Laskowitz, Elberfeld Elementary, Elberfeld
  • Secretary of the Year Award Winner – Deborah Niec, Westville Middle/High School, Westville
  • Leadership Award Winner – Courtnei Weberding, Batesville Intermediate School, Batesville
  • Service Award Winner – Carol Bergman, Batesville Middle School, Batesville, (Awarded Posthumously – pictured, Mr. Bergman and Son)
  • Above and Beyond Award Winner – Abbe Steffey, Tecumseh-Harrison Elementary, Vincennes (Pictured on the right with her principal, Jono Connor)

Secretary of the Year Award Winner, Deborah Niec, shown here with her family and Mr. Lynn Schmale, Horace Mann

“It is with great honor that I nominate my secretary for the Horace Mann/IASP Secretary Award.  She has done everything from substitute teaching, to supervising Friday night class, to the middle/high school secretary.  She is a strong leader within our building and I truly feel I could not be as successful in my position, nor could the corporation run as smoothly as it does, without her help and guidance.   She takes on many tasks without any prompting, takes initiative and contributes positively to the culture of our school.  You can often find her completing tasks that may not fall under her normal “job requirements” without ever being asked.  She takes the extra step to call a student down who was out for a few days and lets them know she missed them, she cares about them, and she is glad they are back at school.  She truly is a one of a kind and a blessing to our school and community.” – Allissa Schnick, Westville Middle/High School Principal

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