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As the new school year begins to unfold, administrators across the state are working hard to develop training for staff, create schedules, promote important events, and set up the year for overall success.  One easy way to offer PD to staff, and to yourself is through the Ed Leaders Network. All IASP members automatically have membership with ELN which provides courses created by educational experts and are standards based.  The extensive library contains an abundance of topics and resources that are all based on best-practice and continuously improving and growing.  

The ELN courses can be accessed on any device, you can watch on your own time, and ELN tracks your completion which you can use for license renewal.  As an IASP member, you also can use ELN for those mandated training videos (we all love the bloodborne pathogen video!), and I know you will find other courses that will benefit your certified and non-classified staff.

ELN also has a growing library of Micro-Credentials, which are a way to showcase your own skills without even taking a course.  These Micro-Credentials match the School Leader Paradigm which also align to your daily role as a building leader. Each Micro-Credential comes with a badge of achievement upon completion that illustrates your knowledge and the work you have already done.  These are available for a minimal charge, but offer a big reward! By obtaining Micro-Credentials, you can share your achievements on social media, or embed them on blogs or on websites, or even add your earned badges to your resume to showcase your expertise.  Click HERE to view a menu of ELN courses.

Either way you choose to use ELN to your advantage is a huge benefit to our members!  To learn more about ELN or to explore, visit https://edleadersnetwork.org/about-eln/.  Or, simply give me a call or email so I can help guide you through the ELN experience and so I can support you in supporting yourself.  tbarrett@iasp.org or 317-891-4933 ext. 216.  

“You can work hard, but if you don’t work smart, you will work for the rest of your life.”  -Robert Downey, Jr.  

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