Top Ten (well maybe fourteen) Takeaways of 2020-2021

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Created by the IASP Executive Committee

We hope that you enjoy the IASP Executive Committee’s top takeaways from this school year, as they share a glimpse into their gratitude and growth from 2020-2021.  

  • Intentionality with our relationships- Dan Peo; incoming Assistant Principal Liaison 
  • Renewal of relationships and the ability to get back to enjoying nature- Amy Neimier; incoming NAESP State Representative
  • Innovation and creativity have soared- Matthew Shockley; current Vice President
  • Growth and moving out of our comfort zones- Crystal Thorpe; incoming Vice President
  • Adaptation, reflection and resiliency have been key- Amy Boone; current Assistant Principal Liaison
  • Human connection has been renewed- Dave Strouse; NASSP State Coordinator
  • Difficult circumstances have brought people together to problem-solve and work through tough issues- Tim McRoberts; IASP Associate Executive Director
  • Human interaction and our need for one another has been illustrated.  It reinforces living in the moment and not taking things for granted- Steve Baker; Liaison to the DOE
  • Prioritizing what was best for kids instead of traditional past practices- Liz Walters; Past President
  • Self wellness, supporting one another, and taking time to disconnect- Eric Gilpin; current President
  • Resilience and self-reflection both professionally and personally- Kelly McPike; current NAESP State Representative
  • Balance and focus on healthy practices- Aimee Lunsford; President Elect
  • Reconnections and elevating friendships, being intentional, and compassionate.  Compassion makes us so much better in any situation- Todd Bess; IASP Executive Director
  • Grace and flexibility and the ability to extend it to others in every situation-Tiffany Barrett; IASP Director of Member Services

IASP Executive Committee Members

  • Dr. Todd Bess, IASP Executive Director
  • Tim McRoberts, IASP Associate Executive Director
  • Tiffany Barrett, Director of Member Services
  • Eric Gilpin, President
  • Aimee Lunsford, President-Elect
  • Matt Shockley, Vice President
  • Dr. Crystal Murff Thorpe, Incoming Vice President
  • Dr. Lizz Walters, Past President
  • Kelly McPike, Current NAESP State Representative
  • Amy Niemeier, Incoming NAESP State Representative
  • Steve Baker, IASP Liaison to the DOE
  • Amy Boone, Current Assistant Principal Liaison
  • Dr. Dan Peo, Incoming Assistant Principal Liaison
  • Dave Strouse, NASSP State Coordinator
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