We Are the World

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Written by Mindy Dablow, Clarksville Elementary School Principal

As a great reminder of the “Best of” 2020-2021, Mindy Dablow, the principal of Clarksville Elementary School in Clarksville, Indiana, shared a video of hope and inspiration.  The CES Music teacher, Ms. Emmy Bodner, brought the idea to Mrs. Dablow in August to teach all students in grades K-4 the classic song “We Are The World” during their weekly Music classes, and put together a schoolwide video featuring the students singing the song and sharing its positive message.  Ms. Bodner knew that regular student performances would be impossible throughout the year due to COVID-19, so she thought this project would be a great way to put together a production with all students involved that could be shared with CES families and community members at the end of the school year.  When she approved Ms. Bodner’s project, Mrs. Dablow had no idea how beautiful and amazing the final product would actually turn out to be!  She thought it was a great reminder of the challenges we’ve all faced and overcome this year during the pandemic. It is also a testament to our amazing students across the state and how wonderful they truly are!  The positive message in this song really hits home that EVERYTHING we do is for our kids!  They are our future and the message of hope shared in this song is so inspiring.  

Please take a few minutes to watch this amazing video!  Mrs. Dablow can assure you that it will be the highlight of your day!!! Enjoy!

Link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTFlFyJr_U8&t=16s

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