Fail Forward

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Failure. That’s a word that sinks deep into the pit of our stomach, makes us feel like “less than enough,” and makes even the most confident of people shy away from challenges at times. But why? Why is failure a negative word in our minds? Everything, since the beginning of time, that has been a success, began with some sort of failure moment. The most beneficial programs, the most prosperous businesses, and the most successful people have all failed at some point, or at many points throughout their careers, and yet those failures often led to their current successes.

Our mindset can be an extremely powerful thing, as many of us know. Changing our outlook on this one tiny word could make all the difference in our professional and personal lives. Our own personal wellness could very well depend on it. Failing is a natural and productive part of life. I’m not suggesting that we set out to fail, but we should understand that at times, even when we give 110%, the outcome may not be what we’d hoped for. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. We can learn from it and move forward… Fail Forward. In preparing for our failures and upsets, we need to be mindful that there are things that we can do to counteract those moments of failure. Whether it’s joining a gym, planning a vacation, attending a professional conference, or taking time to read a great book; creating those less stressful moments in our lives allows us to rethink, relax, and revitalize our professional and personal lives.

Fail Forward my friends. Fail Forward.

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