School Principals’ Day

 In Leadership Development, Principal Programs

Let’s celebrate and recognize our outstanding Indiana school Principals, it is National School Principals’ Day!  Each day IASP knows the commitment you make to all students, and we understand the energy and resources you pour into the work with students, staff, and the community.  These efforts are often not widely recognized, and in reality, your small and large steps to improve your school are not done with recognition in mind.  They are designed, implemented, and revised to positively impact your kids, our kids, all kids, and the future.  So while we take one specific day, May 1, 2019, to officially recognize the daily work you do, know that at IASP, we recognize the sometimes courageous effort it takes to communicate, lead, advocate, and transform your school, and to give hope to each child.  Happy National School Principals Day, and celebrate all the great work you do!

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