Spring Forward, Be the Change!

 In INSPIRE3, Principal Programs

Students at Monroe Central Jr. Sr. High School, Parker City, participated in a project using the LTG lesson Be the Change: Life Skills Lesson 3, Money Management.  Utilizing $250 from an INSPIRE3 mini grant, students determined an item (bake sale/bracelets, craft, etc.) to sell at a local event of their choice. All proceeds were donated to the Secret Families of Randolph County to help families in need.  According to teacher Renee Haney, “Student Voice is a large component. They collaborated and compromised to carry out all aspects of the SLP. They learned and observed that quiet service to others is just as rewarding as being in the spotlight. This project allowed all students to have a voice in one capacity or another.”

With spring and summer breaks coming soon, the students at South Newton High School, Kentland, completed a great service-learning project to help students Be the Change and meet a critical need for students in the community who experience additional needs during school recesses.  Utilizing the K-12 LTG lesson Bedtime Bags, students discussed the need for helping the economically disadvantaged and worked in small groups to develop a sense of empathy for the underprivileged while learning about current services provided to those individuals and families. Supported by an INSPIRE3 mini-grant, students created Break Bags for impoverished elementary students to take home over Christmas break. Bags included art supplies, reading material, toiletries, and small toys.  Students were in charge of deciding what materials went in the bags based on perceived need and age of recipient. The students filled and distributed the bags.

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