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  • Candidate and School Profile

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  • Tech Tips for using "Save and Continue Later"
    1. When using the "Save and Continue Later" option, A link will be provided. Copy, paste, and save the link so you can return to your work at a later date. Teri Hoke will have a copy of this link as well, so contact her at if you misplace it. You will only receive one notification. Save it and use the link any time you'd like to continue filling out your form.

    2. Before opening the link to continue, please be sure the form is not already open in your browser. If it is, close the browser first. And clear your browser cache.
    a. Directions for clearing cache on Google Chrome:
    b. Directions for clearing cache on Firefox:

    3. After clicking the link to continue the form, it will launch in a browser. Refresh the browser before continuing with the form. 4. Your saved work will be available for 30 days.

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