What are the cheer competition enrollment classifications?


Classes for Junior High teams are determined by the number of team members ON THE FLOOR, not on the roster. There is only 1 class for Junior High Time-Out and Junior Varsity. Varsity teams are broken down into 4 all-girl divisions by enrollment, with an additional Coed division that is a single division regardless of school size. High School Time-Out teams are broken into 2 divisions, by enrollment. Partner Stunt Groups will compete in either the all-girl division or the coed division. A complete list of the divisions and enrollment numbers is below.

Junior High Small – 12 or less
Junior High Large – 13 or more
Junior Varsity – Regardless of team or school size
Junior High Time-Out – Regardless of team or school size

Varsity A – 1,801+ students
Varsity B – 901 – 1,800 students
Varsity C – 501 – 900 students
Varsity D – up to 500 students
Varsity Coed – Regardless of team or school size
High School Time-Out Small – up to 900 students
High School Time-Out Large – 901+ students

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