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Franklin Community Schools - where education is student-centered and innovative and learners are inspired to become great!


Together, we empower greatness in all learners through collaboration, dynamic partnerships, and rich experiences that develop a world-class learning environment.


In a safe and nurturing environment, students:

* Learn at different rates and in different ways
* Learn more effectively while actively engaged
* Develop positive relationships with adults and peers

Guiding Principles

Individual Student Growth

Franklin Community Schools will provide learning experiences that maximize individual student potential.


Franklin Community Schools will share and receive information in a clear, concise, and timely manner.

Systemic Continuous Improvement

Franklin Community Schools will utilize a fluid process that engages stakeholders in defining, analyzing and evaluating possible solutions.


Franklin Community Schools will provide opportunities for teachers, students, support staff and administrative leaders to work together to achieve common goals.


Franklin Community Schools will build an atmosphere of confidence through an open and transparent environment.

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