Digital Resources for Educators

Digital Resources for Educators

In an effort to support you, and to provide the most relevant service to our members, we have compiled a list of sample resources for your digital initiatives across the state.  We know that you are working to support your school staff as they assist students with their lessons and trust that you will verify which of these resources best meets your needs.   IASP has worked to review these for best fit to our state needs, but we cannot conduct an exhaustive review which would imply our support for any product.  We will continue to build this library of resources and hope that you find them helpful at this time, and for future eLearning endeavors.

Click below to find helpful resources for your digital implementation.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Resources

In the following link, you will find sample communications and resources pertaining to COVID-19 (Coronavirus).  These resources have been compiled for your reference in an effort to assist you.  Please note that these are intended to be a resource; however, situations may have changed since they were publicized.


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