Spell Bowl will compete virtually this year

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Thanks to all the Spell Bowl coaches for their input on whether Spell Bowl should be in-person, or virtual this year. That input was crucial in making our decision.  While ideally, we had hoped to go back to live, in-person competition this year for all of our events, we have decided that the best choice for our students’ safety and welfare is to hold the Spell Bowl Area contests virtually again this year. This decision takes into account the numbers of students from different schools gathered together to compete all around the state, the timing of the events taking place after Fall Break for many schools, the lack of a vaccine for students under the age of 12, transportation issues reported by our coaches, and team members and coaches being in varying states of quarantine as well as other factors. Holding the contest virtually provides the most flexibility for all students and coaches involved. Coaches will be sent the recorded Area contest and digital answer sheets like we did last year, and will be able to compete with all of their students in one room or virtually,  depending on their school’s situation. We will send everyone step-by-step instructions on how to complete the contest in an email at a later date.   

At this time, we are still planning on holding the State Finals for the Junior and Senior level teams in-person at Purdue University. If a team qualifies, the expectation is that they will participate in person at Purdue.  If a team cannot travel to the contest, we will invite the next team on the list as this will be an all-in person contest. We have expanded the maximum numbers of students allowed to be named on the official roster, so we highly recommend putting as many  students on the roster as possible. The roster links are live now on the website, and we have extended the deadlines for Juniors and Seniors, so please upload your names by October 21 (Junior and Senior) or October 29 (Elementary).  

We hope to be back to in-person Area contests with Spell Bowl next year.


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