Getting Back on the Horse…

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We all feel like we’ve been riding a wild bronco for the past few months and we’ve been thrown more times than we can count, but it’s time to get back on that horse and plan our school re-entry plans.

As re-entry plans are developed and announced across the state, there have been many different variations of hybrid, blended, in-person, and virtual plans. Recently, some have already announced re-entry plans for virtual only, while others have announced fully traditional, in-person formats. There are numerous factors to consider, and there may be no “right” answer, but the Indiana Department of Education recently published several resources to help.

As we face the new challenges the 2020-21 school year brings, the need to collaborate with colleagues and develop shared solutions becomes more important than ever. In addition to our newly updated resource page, look for more information from IASP about virtual professional development opportunities and our continued Shared Solutions Series soon.

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