Let’s Take a Time-Out!

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Have you ever given yourself permission to take a break? As school leaders, we need to take breaks to keep ourselves at our optimal performance level. Just as athletes need to take breaks to rest their muscles, we need to take brakes to rest our brains. Otherwise known as restorative breaks, these breaks have many benefits.

If you’ve read anything by Daniel Pink, you know that his content is always based on valuable research and tons of it! In his book titled “WHEN: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing,” he illustrates many different ways, or should we say “whens” that will benefit you exponentially.

One of his topics is the value of restorative breaks. You can find much more online and in books about the power of taking a well-calculated break, but the down and dirty of it is this… You need them to be at your peak! Don’t feel guilty for taking a quick break to restore yourself. Daniel suggests that even a 60 second micro-break, as he calls them, can pack a powerful punch to get you back on track. You can minimize eye fatigue, improve posture, regain alertness, and improve attentiveness, all in that short 60-second time frame. By walking to the restroom, to the water cooler, or just simply standing and moving your body, you will reset yourself. For more positive effects add nature to your break. There are scientifically proven positive effects that come from simply taking in a little nature. You can add a social break, meditation, or music for additional replenishing effects of your break, as well.

With all that can be gained from restorative breaks, don’t you think it’s time you started taking them? Don’t YOU deserve a break today?

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