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Are you operating at your optimal productivity? The honest answer will likely be “No.” Although we strive for the most productive version of ourselves each and every day for every task, the cold, harsh truth is that at times, we simply fall short.

Mayo Oshin created a list that she gleaned from none other than Benjamin Franklin, in this article titled 10 Lessons from Benjamin Franklin’s Daily Schedule that will Double Your Productivity. She goes on to illustrate Ben Franklin’s 13 virtues that can promote productivity.

Another great resource for all things productivity is Daniel Pink’s PinkCast! In this episode titled This is How To Make Progress Every Day! Daniel explains that taking only 60 seconds at the end of every day to record what you’ve accomplished is the single biggest motivator. If you’d like to hear more from Daniel Pink, register for the Fall Professionals Conference where he will be delivering the Keynote.

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