The Wonderful World of WHEN!

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According to Daniel Pink, in his newest book titled WHEN: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing, we all operate differently at different times throughout the day. Optimizing our energy, moods, and performance during those times can be critical to our success. Our energy is depleted throughout the day and breaks can make all the difference in the world to improve our performance. If we are as intentional about “WHEN” we do things as we are with HOW, WHY, and WHO we do things with, we will get a better result, according to Pink. As Pink illustrates in his book, each person has a peak, a trough, and a recovery in our mood and energy each day.

During the peak time, which is usually in the morning, we are best at doing analytic work and our mood is optimal. During the trough, as Pink describes it, our mood drops considerably and so does our energy level. This often occurs in the early afternoon. This is a good time to be doing administrative work. During the recovery period, which is most often in the early evening, our mood improves again and we are more creative. In this book, Daniel Pink discusses several large pieces of research that support his work on the power of timing. Listen to more on Daniel Pink’s book HERE. Daniel will be speaking at the Fall Professionals Conference at the JW Marriott in Novembers. Click HERE for more information or to register. You can also subscribe to Daniel Pink’s newsletter HERE!

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