The Gift of Giving

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IASP is a proud supporter of Riley Kids Caring & Sharing. This program offers children the opportunity to help other children through simple fundraising campaigns and efforts. You can support Riley Kids Caring & Sharing through your school in an endless number of ways. Students love to help others and it’s a proven fact that children who learn to give at a young age will continue to give throughout their lives. The funds raised through this program will support Riley’s cancer research, diabetes research and research on many other childhood defects.

There are several ways to get involved. You can visit HERE to learn more about Riley Kids Caring & Sharing Program and get involved on a personal level, start a school fundraising program for Riley Kids Caring & Sharing, or you can get involved through your local IASP District.

Many schools are getting involved around the state and becoming Red Wagon Schools. To become a Red Wagon School, schools fundraise/donate $1 per student. This is a great honor and a nice way to promote your fundraising efforts. Click HERE to view the Kids Caring & Sharing Guidebook to get you started. The process is outlined for you to make it hassle-free and user-friendly. Click HERE to learn more about Riley Children’s Foundation!

Schools are getting involved in many ways. Riley Dance Marathons are a great year-round leadership development option for high schools, while there are a variety of fun and easy options for middle and elementary schools where school staff play a larger role in the philanthropic leadership. Through anything from spirit weeks, to penny wars, to jump-a-thons, and even staff jean days, you can raise funds that will support the research that Riley is doing to help children. You can find even more ideas for fundraisers in this guide. You can also order free KCS fundraising supplies to help with your campaign.

IASP Districts are doing their part to raise funds for Riley Kids Caring & Sharing too! At district meetings around the state, you will find the Riley bucket being passed around to collect for the cause. You’ll also find building administrators hosting “staff jean weeks” for $10, hosting lunches for donations to Riley, and passing the Riley bucket during staff meetings to bring awareness to the campaign. These and many other fun and easy ways to raise money for the Riley Children’s Foundation are happening around the state, so get involved today. If you would like to know more about how your school can get involved, you can contact Susan Miles at or call her at (317) 759-6951. Click HERE to give!

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