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You work hard.  You invest in yourself.  You give it all you’ve got.  So what is it that is preventing you from being all that you could be?  What is it that is preventing you from being the very best version of YOU?  Is there something that you can pinpoint that distracts you on a regular basis or that your mind is fixed on constantly?  According to an article titled “Is Your Cell Phone Killing Your Productivity at Work?” on Forbes.com, cell phones can cause costly distractions for us.  If we spend only 10 minutes a work day on our phones, we may think that isn’t much at all; however, we would be spending a total of 43.3 hours per year on our phones at work.  For many of us, our phones are that distraction and then some. Years ago, before there were cell phones, we managed to get by, so why are we being controlled by our phones now?   Why have we created habits that define us through our phones, and more importantly, how can we limit those habits? 

Daniel Pink shares these three tips from Cal NewPort, author of Digital Minimalism and Deep Work, in his recent podcast titled “This is How To Prevent Your Phone From Being a Distraction.”  Tip 1) Delete any apps from your phone that make money when you click on them.  These can be anything; however, social media apps top the list. Tip 2) Set your phone to “Do Not Disturb” by default.  You can even choose to allow family members and specific contacts, while restricting other distractions. Tip 3) Have a place for your phone at home, such as by your keys.  This allows you to choose when and how your phone is used, instead of it controlling when and how it’s used.  

Just remember, these simple steps will allow you to treat your phone as a tool, instead of a companion.  

For more from Daniel Pink, visit https://www.danpink.com/pinkcast/ or register to attend the Fall Professionals Conference, where Daniel Pink will be speaking.  Click HERE to register! 


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