Renew Your IASP Membership

An IASP membership is the right choice for your professional affiliation as an administrator. Whether you’re an aspiring administrator, a retired one, or somewhere in between, IASP provides the guidance, resources and training you need to continue to hone your skills and further your career. Print out and send in the Membership Form or save paper by joining online.

IASP provides members with many benefits, including:

Professional Growth

  • Fall Professionals Conference
  • Assistant Principals Conference
  • LEAD Programs
  • LEADing AP’s
  • District meetings and workshops
  • Indiana New Administrators Leadership Institute (INALI)
  • District, state and national level officer positions

Professional Support

  • Job listings
  • Legal advice for contractual issues
  • Coaching program

State Representation & Advocacy

  • Indiana General Assembly
  • Indiana State Board of Education
  • Indiana Department of Education
  • State Superintendent’s Advisory Committee
  • Superintendent of Public Instruction


  • Indianagram
  • Schoolhouse News


  • Discounted auto insurance
  • Climate audits
  • Discounted benefits through Association Member Benefits Advisors


  • District Principals of the Year
  • District Assistant Principals of the Year
  • State Principals of the Year
  • State Assistant Principal of the Year

Contact Terilyn Hoke at, or 317-947-4114.

Paying for your IASP Membership

Institutional Membership

(Membership is assigned to the school/corporation in the name of the individual member)

Paid from school or corporation funds
  • School corporation purchase order
  • School corporation check
  • School corporation general fund
  • Rainy day fund
  • Investment or interest income fund
  • Extra-curricular school fund
  • Debit information

Individual Membership

(Membership belongs to the individual)

Paid from member’s personal funds
  • Check
  • MasterCard or VISA
  • Payroll deduction (if allowable)
  • Debit information
  • Special arrangements (800-285-2188 ext. 205)


Ready to join IASP? Simply complete our easy online membership application or fill out a membership form and email it to Terilyn Hoke at

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