Fall 2020 Academic Contests will be Virtual

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We would like to announce that for the safety of all concerned the Academic Coaches Conference, the 2020 Spell Bowl contests, and Future Problem Solving practice problems will be conducted virtually.  In making this decision, we took into account the restrictions that may be in place concerning teams traveling outside their schools, large gatherings of people, and schools hosting outside events.  While we know this solution presents its own challenges, we have made this decision to keep you and your teams as safe as possible while still offering your team an opportunity for robust competition.  Our goal is to present awards and placements as we did last year; however, we must remain flexible in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, and we need you, as coaches, to be flexible as well.  We realized this fact this past spring as we planned to hold our M.A.T.H. Bowl and Academic Super Bowl Competitions.  Our plans in mid-March had to change as the coronavirus prevented even smaller groups from gathering; yet we were able to design and hold these programs very successfully and our students had a great experience to showcase all their hard work. We will approach the planning of the Fall Semester academic contests with the same flexibility.

We are monitoring the evolving situation with the schools this fall and will keep in close communication with you throughout the season with any updates that become necessary.  Our Quiz Bowl Area tournament is scheduled for January. At this time we are developing a plan to present this contest virtually as well if the situation necessitates, but we aren’t making any definite announcements yet.   Thank you for your work with your academic teams. Good luck to you and your teams as you start the new school year.  Together I am confident we can provide our students a rich experience and can recognize their hard work.

Jill Slinker
Director, Department of Student Programs
Indiana Association of School Principals
Phone:  (317) 947-4120

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