Future Problem Solving International Conference Problem Announced

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The Future Problem Solving Program International has announced the topic for this June’s International Conference to be held in Amherst, Massachusetts:  TERRAFORMING.  

According to FPSPI.org:  “Many questions surround the logistical, financial, political, and technological process of terraforming.  Some people debate the reasons, benefits, and justifications of terraforming.  Still, others consider ethical questions surrounding the practice of terraforming.  What is the future of designing new habitats for humans?  How will humanity redesign environments to make them more hospitable? “

The 4 Global Issues Problem Solving teams from Indiana who will be selected to participate in the International Conference will be wrestling with these questions and more as they prepare for the contest.

For more information, follow this link:  Terraforming: Readings, Research, and Resources

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